Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun with Dough

Feeling especially crafty yesterday, Eowyn and I followed this recipe to make our own play dough. The result was pretty nice. Not too sticky, not too dry, and nice bright colors (until Eowyn blended them into a solid Army green). To make separate colors from the same batch of play dough, divide the finished dough into balls, make a divot with your finger, drop in some food coloring, then knead it carefully through the dough until the color is even.

starting out with nice, pretty colors...

and the final result.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Halloween means to me...

...hiding in the kitchen to eat your daughter's candy.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello again

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything to this blog. Just about eight months--which coincides with the age of my son, Espen. Caring for two little ones has depleted any excess energy I used to employ at the end of the day to do such things as write blog posts.

However, on my sister's recommendation, I have recently embraced the usefulness of a caffeinated beverage in the afternoon. What a difference a drug makes!

The other main contributing factor to my bereft blog? The iPhone (and subsequently, the iPod Touch). These handy devices have almost entirely replaced the PC for me--whether I'm browsing the web, managing email, contacts, and calendars, or performing a host of other activities.

Yet until this point, I lacked a convenient, free app for writing and managing blogspot blogs, and so my blog sat desolate. Perhaps this recent discovery will allow me to post more regularly once again.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

When he's good and ready

Yes, I’ve been feeling anxious about Espen's arrival. I think a lot of it has to do with the notion of a “due date.” It’s hard for me to remember that I’m not technically overdue yet—and I won’t be overdue for a few more weeks! A true overdue pregnancy is one that goes beyond a full 42 weeks. My EDD (which stands for estimated due date) really is just an estimate, and the fact that I'm still nursing Eowyn (which can effect ovulation) means the EDD can be especially hard to pinpoint.

Still, I’m asked frequently by well-meaning, caring friends and family why the baby isn’t here yet. I ask myself that, too--especially since Eowyn came a week early! The fact that Meredith had her baby on Monday causes me to wonder even more.

This time around, I’m not that uncomfortable, and I know that babies are a lot easier to care for while they’re still inside your body. My main concern is for Espen’s health, but I also know that the risk of complications from a true overdue pregnancy is actually very low, and the chance of me going truly overdue is very low as well. I still feel Espen move plenty, and all the other vitals check out fine at my office visits.

Mostly, it’s that I’ve got to combat this expectation that he should have been here by now. You can pray that I trust the Lord for Espen, and that I will take this extra time as a gift. I’m also thankful that I’m seeing a midwife, who doesn’t pressure me at all about induction.

I need to cultivate patience in myself.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dressed for Success

Believe it or not, Eowyn started this morning with pants on, onesie buttoned, and socks on feet. She had other ideas, though.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scooba Woes

Way back in the beginning of this blog, I posted about my longing for the iRobot Scooba. I received one from Christian for Christmas, and it's been great. Our house felt cleaner than it ever did before. The single best thing about it was that it actually got Christian proactive about housecleaning. Mopping the floors became fun for him, because he was getting to play with a robot to do it. He inadvertently took charge of this realm of the housework. For this reason alone, I consider the machine nearly miraculous.

But, I must qualify my above statement. The iRobot Scooba has been great, but only while it lasted. You would think that a piece of electronic equipment which costs as much or more than an iPhone (the purchase of which Christian sweetly postponed in order to get this for me) would work reliably for more than two weeks. Alas, that is not the case. Within those first two weeks, strange beeping and flashing of indicator lights began. The Scooba would refuse to clean. Our internet research uncovered that it was getting stuck in 'diagnostic mode.' This problem came and went at first, but now no manner of prompting on our part will get it to clean again.

Fortunately, it's still under warranty, but we have to pay to ship the robot back to the company, then wait up to a month to receive a replacement. Just the matter of finding an appropriate box and packing the thing irks me. For such an expensive piece of equipment, I think this is colossaly lame.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Start planning the intervention

Have you heard of the nasal decongestant, Afrin? I'm not sure how I ever missed this stuff. With my due date only days away, I'm suffering once more from the kind of cold and ensuing congestion that make you feel like you're about to suffocate if you ever close your mouth. At this point, I've lost my patience with "natural" remedies and self-hypnosis. My midwife would not be pleased to hear this. She advised me to consume copious amounts of garlic and Emergen-C. No, thanks. Espen's almost here. Let's bring on some drugs!

On the recommendation of friends, I picked up this little wonder spray. But with their recommendation came warnings--stories of people addicted to the stuff, unable to breathe clearly without it, continuing to use it even when it was tearing up their nasal cavity. 'And this is available over the counter?' I wondered incredulously. Somehow, yes. But even the package warns not to use for more than three days.

Well, I tried it, and it works so well, it's scary. Within five minutes, my monster congestion disappeared, and I was breathing clearer than when I have no cold at all (allergies also give me trouble at night). Sudafed used to be my go-to drug of choice for colds, but now I can see it has nothing on Afrin. I used to wait around for a half-hour for limited relief with that stuff. What a sucker I was!

I've used it two days in a row now. Only one more day before I have to lay off the drug. I'm afraid. Will I soon be sneaking around, hording stockpiles of Afrin, addicted and ashamed? I think Christian is already planning the intevention.